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Inferlytics is designed on the principle that generic search does not work for every retail operation. The data for apparel retailer is very different from a wine store that is very different from a shoe store.

Think about this… as a retailer with multiple sections in your store, do you have the same sales associate manning the wine and shoes sections? No, right? You want people who understand wine to recommend the right wine to your customers and a shoes specialist who can answer questions about your selection.

Then why use the same, generic search engine for your complete website?

Our music instruments search engine understands the difference between a blue colored guitar and best guitar for playing blues. It can tell the difference between gain and distortion. It can tell your customers which products are ideal for starting a garage band. It can also tell you which amps are best for playing at churches.

Here are some examples of what our music instruments search engine can figure out:

And a lot more…

Can your search engine do that?

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