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Power of Machine Learning & Sophistication of OCR

Finally, an OCR Solution That Actually Works!

Expense Receipts

Extraction of all key fields from expense receipts for any type of expense - travel, food, purchases.


Extraction of key fields from invoices including merchant names, invoice amounts and taxes.

Contracts & Business Documents

Custom extraction from business documents including contracts, medical & financial documents.

How Machine Learning Data Extraction Works.

Take a look at how our machine learning algorithms and the mobile SDK can be used to quickly analyze and extract line item details from receipts, invoices, contracts and any other documents.

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Online API for data extraction for receipts, invoices, bank statements and other documents

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Powerful OCR Solution with Mobile Support

Use your mobile phone to capture expense receipts and documents and extract key fields from the capture. Our white labelled mobile app extracts expense type, merchant name, date of transaction, amount and currency out of the box. We will customize it to extract any other information that you might need. We support most languages and currencies. Our AI algorithms also extract the following information with high level of accuracy:

VAT/GST Extraction

We extract multiple levels of tax related information - VAT, GST, Sales Tax.

Line Item Extraction

For businesses that need line item extraction, we pull out every line item on the receipt.

Business Name Extraction

We use AI algorithms to extract the right vendor/business name from invoices and expenses.

Auto Classification

We can automatically classify documents, invoices and receipts and have them neatly stacked for you by each category.

See It In Action & Explore the API

Here is a sample extraction of a European receipt. We extract data from content generated from most countries and languages. We also support customization to incorporate your business specific rules. Browse our data extraction API for a variety of content types like receipts, invoices, bank statements, etc.

Document Types

We extract data and intelligence out of a variety of document types including


Key fields and line item details extraction from receipts of all types - restaurant bills, grocery receipts, taxi bills, etc.


Key Fields and line item details including verification of customers, addresses, bank account details and PO numbers

Utility Bills

Name of the recipient, address, total amount due, due date and details of the invoicing company

Passport & Licenses

Extraction of picture on the ID along with all the key details

Bank Statements

Bank details, transactions details and balances

Product Specification Sheets

Extraction of key product attributes, specifications and data types

Handwritten Forms

Extraction of data from hand filled forms for banks, insurance companies and other forms

Custom PDF Formats

Key fields extraction, tabular data extraction, document classification and categorization


Got Questions?

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions about our OCR solution. Take a look and let us know if you do not find answer to your questions here.

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How customers use our Machine Learning OCR capabilities

Case Studies: Enterprise problems we have solved and questions our platform has answered.


How are our fleet drivers spending their fuel card money?

Mobile based OCR solution to automatically capture receipts photos, extract price and VAT of purchases and send for validation.


Can you read these expense receipts?

OCR based solution to automatically extract, validate and classify information from expense receipts.


Can you read these

Automatic extraction and validation of invoice data for a financial management company.

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