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If you have a catalogue of more than a thousand products then one of the primary ways for your customers to get to the product of their choice is through keyword search. This usually works great if the customer exactly knows the product that he intends to buy, for instance ‘Nikon D750’ or ‘Nike Lunarglide 6’. If the store carries that product then in most cases it will show up as the first item in the search results.

However, if the customer knows what he needs the product for but is not sure about the exact make and model then the keyword search does not help much. The search engine ends up throwing a long list of candidate products that may or may not be right for the customer’s needs.

Results - loss of revenue, disgruntled customer.

Our auto sense navigation provides customers an intuitive and easy to find the right product. It not only based on product attributes like color, price, brand, etc but also customer behavior attributes like - who is going to use the product, what will it be primarily used for, etc.

Here are some differentiating features of our auto sense navigation:

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