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AI for BPOs and Automation For Back Office Processes

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning meets Back Office Processes and Workflow

Automatic Data Processing

Speed up and improve the accuracy of your data extraction, entry and compliance.

Robotic Process Automation

Simplify complex tasks and reduce workflow costs.

Call Center Optimization

Bring efficiency and reduce cost of your operations.

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AI and Automation for BPOs and Back Office Processes

Automate your back-office process and workflow using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning enabled Intelligent Data Capture and OCR. Gain efficiencies in your BPO operations by automating labor intensive tasks. We help derive insights from both structured data sources such as Financial / Insurance forms, bills, claims documents, bank statements, etc. and from unstructured data sources such as like receipts, bank notes, invoices, etc.

Chat bots - automated customer support and service

Conversational algorithms to train the system to enhance and automate your customer services and support systems using chatbots, NLP & device integrations

Automated Image processing (Image Data extraction)

We help classify, categorize, and extract contextual information from images for a variety of B2C and B2B scenarios such as medical / radiology imaging, production quality control, automatically extracting attributes from product images, etc.

Invoice and Expenses Automation

We use Machine Learning to extract key and line item details from invoices and receipts expenses.

Back Office / Clearing House Clearing House Automation

We help automate processing of large volumes of business documents and transactions with improved speed and accuracy with reduced cost.

Automated Compliance

We help companies meet standards and be compliant by automating data processing for documents such as policy forms, application forms, customer onboarding and verification, KYC, etc.

HR - Payroll and Benefits Automation

Optimize and automate services of HR such as secure online processing, tax withholdings, benefits offerings and much more.

Automated data extraction for more than 10X efficiency improvement

The automated extraction in this receipt would take a person anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes. Our algorithms perform this extraction in 11 seconds - thats 16X improvement in efficiency. This is one example of how we can help BPOs get more done and drive down cost through automation.

AI Enabled BPO and Back Office Solutions

Our BPO and Back Office focused solutions help you get more done by automating human tasks with machine learning and AI.


Text, Email and Voice Analytics using NLP

Our platform extracts deep insights from large volumes of text to find information of interest, sentiment analysis and entity extraction.


Chat bots Driven Automated Conversations

Our platform uses our conversational algorithms that can be extended into chat bots for more natural conversation. We can integrate bots with mobile devices, voice assistants, mobile applications and social media channels with the right security mechanisms and permissions.

See how AI helps you get more done

Our machine learning algorithms can help you automate back office processing of documents, images, receipts, invoices and several other document types. This can dramatically increase efficiency of your back office operations by letting your employees focus on verifying the output of extraction rather than tediously extracting data.

How BPOs and Back Offices use our platform's capabilities

Case Studies: Back Office problems we have solved and questions our platform has answered.


Can you read these

Extracting and monitoring financial and regulatory information from emails


How can I improve my call center efficiency?

Matching right opportunity with the right prospect based on large volume of past transactions and customer behavior.


Can you validate these

Automatic extraction and validation of invoice data for a financial management company.


Does this work with

Categorizing similar and duplicate images for a stock photo provider.

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